Technology and development

We carry out the whole our manufacturing within our main facility, itself encompassing a space of 3000 square meters.

Our firm can rely on five overhead cranes with a capacity of ten tons each.

We are also able to cut metals by using two special metal-cutting lines, as well as to automatically drill metal beams and specific metal elements.

Our firm does also use bending and shearing machines, as well as a submerged arc welding machine built by FRO-AIR LIQUIDE, the world leader in the field, allowing us to weld beams, double tees, fixed elements, iron sheets, tubes and tubular profiles.

By making the most of our specialized workforce and relying on several highly technological and design advances, we are fully able to provide high-quality turn-key finished designs and products, fully complying with all the relevant norms.

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Quality and security

Costruzioni Famà srl is fully able to follow, after the design and construction phases, all the stages connected with constructing metal structures, allowing our firm to provide turn-key projects to our clients in full confidence.

By virtue of our construction experience in several industrial sectors, our firm can offer high-quality services, taking charge of all the relevant stages, fully complying with the relevant norms, especially considering the following:

  • designs;
  • costruction and building;
  • surface treatments;
  • transport;
  • implementation.

By relying on specialized workers, themselves undergoing constant training on the matter, as well as lifting and transport machinery, Costruzioni Famà srl can satisfy each and every request, providing and warranting products being built and implemented following, and sometimes exceeding, the state of the art.

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